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After the popularity of the last mind and body reset course, I am s happy to announce the second 10 day reset for your mind, body and soul. 

Over the course of ten days, every morning 30 minutes we will be dedicating to our health, mentally physically and spiritually. 

As we are shifting into summer, now is the time to reset and make sure you are at your happiest and healthiest

Do you have inspiring goals and dreams yet somehow ended up running on autopilot, getting stuck in unhealthy habits (even though you know you shouldn't be) filling your days with so many of other peoples 'to do's', feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

But you want to just hit the reset button to pause long enough to remember what really freaking matters to you and get back on track with your body and to living the healthy, energised, abundant, fulfilling life you know you came here to live.  

Starting on 7TH JUNE - ending on the 17th 

Every morning 7AM-7:30AM UK TIME

You get tips steps to follow and motivational words to help you on the journey, via app or website.

As well as part of a GROUP discussion via the wix app or website.

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