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Hello and welcome to Lozziebrownyoga.

My name is Laura-Kate and I’ll be your online yoga & fitness coach.

Whether you’re a fresh beginner or a dedicated yogi, my daily classes and online videos are tailored and refined to enhance both your physical and mental wellbeing.

My classes include a wide array of styles and techniques, allowing you to find what works best for yourself. Join my online community today, and continue your journey of self-improvement.


Yoga and Fitness That Works For You

My Monthly Membership ensures that no matter your schedule or situation, you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of an energising workout - at a time and place that works for you.


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Courses & Workshops

Sustainable change for a healthier you


Pincha Workshop

This 90-minute workshop fills you with the confidence and skill to master your Pincha Mayurasana - Forearm balance.

The Pincha Mayurasanaa takes strength, flexibility and continued practice. It can be challenging to perfect but this workshop leaves you with the knowledge, technique, and strength to achieve it.

Four Weeks To The Splits

Ever wanted to do the splits? Or maybe you’d like to re-learn and improve your flexibility? I’ve got you covered.


Following my Splits Bible and 14 instructional videos, this four-week course will stretch your muscles and loosen your hips. I will be with you every step of the way, as you edge closer and closer to the floor each time.


Live And Learn In The Here And Now

My live classes give you the chance to act as one with others from across the globe. Lose yourselves in the moment and experience oneness while you pump yourself up or unwind and de-stress.

Select a class below for a one-off experience, or subscribe monthly for unlimited access. 

All live classes are UK time.

Splits Bundle

Want to deepen and continue your splits practice?

In this bundle you with receive 5 full 50 minute yoga practices to help you reach hanumasana or splits pose.

These videos are yours to keep forever to practice when you like!

Could not recommend Laura’s yoga classes enough. I always thought I wasn’t a yoga person until I did Laura’s classes - now I’m addicted!. She teaches like no other - she knows what people want from a lesson.

She manages to fit a workout, stretch, mediation, massage!! and overall amazingness all into one class

. She’s so easy to follow and listen to and makes you feel so at ease.

Thanks so much ! I can’t wait to come back and do these classes every day again namaste xx…

Roxie Transfield


Laura has completely changed my thoughts on yoga and meditation. It was always a practice I didn’t think I needed in my life and now I feel lost without it.

Not only has Laura introduced me to the journey of flexibility and learning to do the splits but she has taught me the fundamentals and importance of breath work, patience and learning to appreciate my body in that moment.

I’m still on the splits journey - even after the course was finished Laura still continues to teach and help me along the way - thank you x

Lexi Douglas

Laura is a yoga angel!

I am addicted to her class, to the way she teaches, and to the way I feel after her class: peaceful as well as energized, more flexible as well as stronger, and always more caring and loving with myself. I love her gentle way to make me push myself, while bringing me centeredness through her caring understanding of what we all truly need.

It's always a pleasure to feel the love and joy she emanates and spread around her

Marie-Pauline Cassley

Rocks in Desert

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